Ben Ricci
Copyright Ben Ricci 2009
I am a graduate of Kutztown State College with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications (with
a concomitant area of journalism/public relations) and a Master of Business Administration
degree from Mount Saint Mary’s College. I have studied photography at Millersville University and
attended numerous industry workshops on photography and printing. My interest in photography
began when I was a young child. I photograph almost anything that can fit within the boundaries
of a camera lens. Essentially I am a hobbyist photographer, a dabbler with a camera, who utilizes
it as a means of creative expression and documentation with a keen interest in photographing
sports, nature and events.

I have worked professionally as a photographer for commercial studios,  U.S. Newswire,  the
Evening Sun and Gettysburg Times, and as a writer for Hanover Evening Sun, York
Sunday News, Central Penn Business Journal and Penn Lines magazine.

Most of my work is centered around the activities in and around my hometown of Littlestown,

I am an admirer of the work of contemporary photographers
Jim Brandenburg, Jay Maisel, Joel
Meyerowitz, George Lepp, Tony Sweet, John Shaw, David and Marc Muench, Ron Kimball, and
Rod Planck.